RFS Telepoll Campaign 2016
4 June 2016 6 July 2016

Ready for School Fund

Ilmu Tunggak Kejayaan
Knowledge, The Pillar of Success

Education can change a person's future.

With an education,
the student from a single-parent household can build a better future for his or her family;

the undergraduate from a less privileged household is able to pursue his or her passion;

the child from a low-income family can be given access to a world of possibilities.

Throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, AMP, in collaboration with MediaCorp Radio RIA 89.7FM, had run a telepoll campaign for the Ready for School Fund (RFS) which featured some of the Fund beneficiaries who shared their adversities and how the Fund had assisted in their pursuit of higher education.

Knowledge is a key to changing the world. Receiving a good education helps empower us to create a better future for ourselves and our family. The Ready for School Fund was established in October 2002 to ensure that no child lags behind in his or her education due to financial setbacks faced by the family.

With the combined efforts of the RIA deejays and big-hearted individuals who pledged their support through the telepoll lines, AMP raised more than $100,000 in total during the month-long campaign. 

Lend your support by calling these numbers:

 1900 112 4001 (for $10 donation)

1900 112 4005 (for $50 donation)

Telepoll lines will be opened till 30 November 2016

Thank you for your support towards the Ready for School Fund. 

Your kind contribution will go a long way in uplifting the lives of the less privileged children. 

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